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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mini Review: Sundial Agenda

At long last, I have gotten the time to get posting to the blog again. Amazing how difficult it can be to get back in a routine again. :)

But all that aside, I've got a fun little mini-review for you today. some of you may recall me talking about a really cool calendar called the "Chrono-Notebook", in one of my Weekend Reads a while back.

While I still have yet to purchase and try one of those, I did get a chance to try something very similar. Enter the Sundial Agenda.

As with most of my mini-reviews, this is more a photo-walkthrough, as opposed to a full on detailed review.

Let's jump right in and take a look at this incredibly unique planner/calendar:

First, the cover: Somewhat common looking, faux leather, with nice contrast stitching on the edge. The imprint looks silvery/shiny. Like those foil business cards.

Here's the example page at the very start of the notebook. It's a nice touch that they added this, as the concept may not be obvious to some at first.

You're given a line at the top (I imagine it's for the date?), a little room for a title, and then the main "calender area".

At the bottom you get a sort of miniature task list.

Comes with a ribbon bookmark. :)

How's that paper? Just fine actually. This is a sample page. It handled all of my pens and inks very well, with minimal feathering and bleedthrough.

The paper feels very smooth to me, but in a much more pleasant way than Clairefontaine paper. As you can see here, little to no feathering with me Kaweco Sport, B nib. It's a wet nib too.

Here's the reverse side of the page shown above. If you look closely, you can just barely see the PR Copper Burst from my Kaweco showing through. Not bad at all for a notebook that I don't believe was even designed for FP use.

Here's a full page I filled out, with a "test agenda", to see how this concept might work in real life for me.

You get an AM and PM side for each day. Very nice if you have a lot to write, or you happen to need to do stuff at midnight. I think they probably could have made it one circle for each day though.

Overall I find this notebook a very unique approach to planning your day. For me personally, I've been using a digital planner for so long, that making the switch to this notebook would be a bit difficult. However, for those who are tired of using a boring calendar, and are looking for something fresh, and FP friendly, this would be a great choice. It's a lot of fun to plan your day with a nice open slate, instead of the usual blocks and segments that a normal calendar forces you to use.

The notebook was available on, but is currently labeled as unavailable.

For those looking to try out the concept though, there's always the Chrono-Notebook.

Alright, that's all for now guys! Now that I've got something posted on the blog, I think I've broken through my mental barrier. Next up... I don't know yet, but I'm thinking a review of a pen would be nice!

Have a great Weekend folks.

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