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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice Storm - Expect some delays...

Hey guys,

For any of you who are expecting a pen and/or nib in the mail from me, or are awaiting a response to an email, please expect some short delays. Perhaps a day or two.

We had a decent sized ice storm over at my place, and the power has gone down. It's been out for around a day and a half, and it looks like we just got it back on line. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

It's been a very cold, and dark last day and a half. Without power, heat, internet, or light, I didn't quite get the same amount of work done that I normally do. =)

But yeah, we've pretty much got everything settled now, so things will resume again very soon.

Apologies for any delays. I'm not gone, just occupied with stuff that's a tad more important than fountain pens.

Happy Holidays guys!

Generators are happily cranking away. 

And we lost a few tree limbs, but thankfully nothing hit the house, or anything important really.

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