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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mini-review: Six-Pen Pen-Wrap!

This is more of a "show-n-tell/you need one of the for yourself" than it is a review. :)

Ever since I first laid eyes on one of these, I knew I had to have one of my own! If you've never seen or heard of a pen wrap, then all the better! This will be a real treat, either way. Enjoy!

WARNING: This review is highly subjective to the user, and thus, you may disagree with my rating. So, I'll just let you know - this is my rating. :) It may not apply to you, as we all have different likes and dislikes. Cheers!

 For me, this pen wrap scores an amazing 95%!


The good:

  • Absolutely incredible craftsmanship - handmade!
  • Many color/design options available
  • Customer service is 110%!
  • Can be custom made to specifications, at cost
  • Works very, very, very well. :)
  • Makes carrying your pens around fun and enjoyable
The bad:
  • They are a bit expensive, ranging from $40.00 - $60.00, depending on what materials you choose.
  • The chord for securing the wrap can come loose at times
These pen wraps are handmade by Ling, a school teacher in Taiwan. her husband does the emails and billing stuff, but she sews the wraps. To put it into a few words - You rarely see this much beautiful craftsmanship in America these days. With everything mass-produced, it's a really special treat to use/purchase something handmade.

If you want to carry around your collection of up to 6 pens with you, believe me - this is your case. It looks amazing, functions flawlessly, and it's incredibly handmade! What more could you want in a case? :)


Need I say it again? Stunning. Simply stunning and beautiful.

My pen wrap is supposedly made of Japanese Linen, though that could just be a "name" for a type of textured cotton. I'm not 100% sure it actually is linen, but it feels like it to me. :)

The edges of the flap (it covers the clips to prevent scratching) are angled in, so that when the case is rolled up, they don't poke out. This case is very intelligently designed too.

I let Ling choose the inner material for me, so this was a surprise for me. I like the choice a lot! It's not my absolute most favorite pattern in the world, but it's beautiful, and there are certainly worse things out there. :)

My small collection of pens. I just cut back to two pens, and a pencil. I plan on buyer more when my house is finally finished and we're moved in.

The part of the slot where each pen clips on is very sturdy, yet thin enough to not be a nuisance. The entire wrap is made of 7 layers, and has been professionally steam-pressed so it will maintain it's shape forever. (Well, for a very long time)

I chose the ornament below form a gallery of about 30-40 different ones. If you don't like this one, fear not! They've got a lot to choose from. I'll include a link to the "store" at the end of the review.

The upper-left edge of the wrap tapers in slightly, in a nice angled "cut". I'm not sure of the purpose of this design, but I think it looks really cool. Maybe that's just it? :)

Not only is this pen wrap a thing of beauty, but it's also built for work. It functions even better than it looks! These wraps are just well thought out, from top to bottom.

The stitching job is beautiful, and very well done. The look machine made, and yet, they're not!

Pens slide in and out very easily from the slots, and yet the remain secure during transport.

My Lamy 2000 has a new best friend. :)

Each slot seem to stretch, or shrink to fit with whatever pen is in it.

The Chords is a very convenient, yet stylish method of securing the wrap. I find that it's not the most convenient, but it's certainly my favorite looking design.

all you have to do to secure it is wrap the rope around, and tuck the little "ornament" into the rope. One of the few flaws with the case: This rope can come undone sometimes, because it's not extremely secure. If you want to throw your pens of a cliff, don't pick this pen-wrap to protect them. ;)

That being said, I've never had a problem where my pens were in danger do to this very minor issue.

Overall, from "head-to-toe", this pen wrap is masterfully designed and created. I really can't say enough good things about it! It protects extremely well, without looking ugly. That's just what I wanted when I bought it!

Here's my conclusion. You can browse the gallery of pre-made wraps here. To order. Well, that's the tough part. I really don't want to post this guys email address all over the web. If you want to buy one of these pens wraps, email me, and I'll personally give you his contact info. Sound good? :)

What more need be said? You know what to do. Sell of those pens you don't use, and invest in beautiful, functional protection for your pens. 

Lastly, let me know what you think of the review, and the pen wrap! Not your style? Or is this the thing you've always dreamed of, but had yet to find?

Tyler Dahl

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