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Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome the new blog schedule!

Hello to any and all who read, or frequent my blog! I finally have a good consistent blogging schedule now. This will remain the same, with the exception of holidays, vacations, and emergencies. Here's what I'd like to do:

I will be updated the blog regularly every other day now, starting today. Here are the exact days, since we don't have an even number of them in a week. :)

Monday: Blog Update
Tuesday: ____
Wednesday: Blog Update
Thursday: ____
Friday: Blog Update
Saturday: ____
Sunday:Blog Update

So Sunday and Monday will  be back-to-back blogging, but I'd rather do 4 per week instead of 3. :)

That's it. My schedule for blogging. I really enjoy blogging, but I definitely need the days off to work on pens, and prepare for the next days blog post. I think this is a good balance of blogging being a priority, but not getting in the way of my work.

Enjoy the blog, subscribe if you already haven't, and leave me a comment to share your thoughts. I'd appreciate hearing those.

Tyler Dahl

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