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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There's more than one way to secure a pen sac...

I've not been repairing pens for nearly as long as some of the great repairers I look up to. Nonetheless, I've seen a large variety of different things.

Examining all the pens that come in, it never ceases to amaze me, all the ways people can cut corners and "rig" something up. I'm not talking about the people sending me the pens, I'm talking about the original owners.
Here's a "cute" one that came across my desk this morning.

Ever run out of shellac right when you need to put your Estie sac on? That's fine, just use some wire. :)

Both sections are from Esterbrook Dollar Pens. Both from the same eBay seller. I assume he got both of them from the same place as well, being that they both have the exact same thing done to them.

The wire is wrapped around, and twisted. Pretty basic...

Here's after some scraping, picking, and a little cleanup (still needs some more).

This just struck me as weird. I wonder how well it actually worked too. By the time I got into the pen, the sacs were ossified, thus firmly attaching themselves to the section anyway. But since there were no signs of internal leaks, I'm assuming they actually did their job.

Most interesting, but definitely not a repair technique I'm about to adopt. :)

Anyone else here ever seen this one before?

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