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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The one month pocket challenge!

Well, today was one of those days where inspiration struck, in a very good way! I had this great blog idea just hit me out of nowhere!

It was partially inspired by a review on FPN, which I'm going to feature on the next "Weekend Reads".

Continue reading to find out what's going on here!

So, like I said, I had this great idea pop into my head today. It's all about real-world testing, of pens and paper. I really wanted to experiment with some things, and share the results (and experience) with you all. I think you're really going to enjoy it!

And as they say, without further ado:

First, the explanation you've been waiting for:

What I intend to do, for the whole month of February, is to carry both of these items in my pockets, and on my person at all times, except for when I'm asleep. That means rain or shine, working in the mud, or repairing in the office, these two will be right at my side. They will also receive "exercise" at random intervals throughout the day, to make sure they're getting used in "rough" situations. This is not a full on "torture-test", but it's close. I want these items to be tried and true at the end of this, so I'll be rooting for their success, but won't be giving them any room for error or lack of performance.

Now as to the why: Well, first off - it sounds like a fun idea. But mainly, it's to put both of these products to the test, particularly the Kaweco Sport. Kaweco's slogan states: "Small in the pocket, great in the hand", and my goal is to do just that. Keep it in my pocket. :)

I want to see how these both hold up through the rough occurrences of daily life. I feel like the Kaweco is perfect for this job - it's lightweight, feels sturdy enough, and it's not too expensive, so if it breaks I won't be heartbroken (I hope it doesn't).

The CF pocket book seems perfect too. It's made for the traveler, and for being beaten on, so I expect it will hold up very well.

The details: As I stated, these will accompany me every day, no matter what, all month long this February. I will keep updates posted every so often as each new test and event is overcome (hopefully).

Both the pen and notebook will spend the time in my pockets. Not in my shirt pocket, not somewhere soft, not in a case, but directly in my pocket. Sometimes with keys or a knife (folded of course). They will be gently abused, just to "see what happens".

They will also be pulled out multiple times a day, whenever I feel in the mood, and will be given a quick writing exercise. This will ensure that they perform well in all situations, be it cold, rainy, muddy, etc.

At the end of this whole experiment, time, and some photos will tell us all what these two products are capable of. I am excited to see the results! I hope you are too.

For those who are patiently awaiting the Kaweco Classic Review! This is going to tie right into it. I'm still unsure whether I should save the review for the end of February, when my "test-results" are in, or if I should review it now and see if it lives up to my review.

Why don't you drop me a comment, and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear what you'd prefer in the way of the review timing/incorporation with this.

Questions and comments about the one month pocket challenge are welcome too!

Tyler Dahl

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