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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another homemade pen-repair tool!

Well, I always like to share my experiences with pen repair, so I thought I'd show you another homemade tool I created the other day. This time, for the removal of a Montblanc piston!

It's a very simple tool to create actually, granted you have access to some basic power tools and grinders. Check it out:

Well we should definitely start with a photo of the piston. Here it is, out of the pen, re-greased, and ready to go back in. This is a Montblanc 149 for those who are interested. I am fairly sure it's a modern one, but I don't know Montblanc pens very well at all.

Here's how the piston gets removed - See those two slots on the sides? A special tool need to fit into those, and turn the piston loose.

What to do? Well, just make a tool! :) In my case, I converted an old tool (for Sheaffer Vac-Fills) to be used on this piston.

Yup, nothing more than a pair of tweezers! But the tips are modified in just the right ways. First, they're obviously thinned down as you can see in the photo. Then they need to be widened enough to fit around the piston. Also the tips need to curve in at the end so they go in the slots.

Then the tips need a vertical bend in them. This allows for them to hook into the slots, and get some grab when you're turning the piston loose.

Here we are in action! Notice the tool-tip curving down into the slot.

This thing works like a charm! I am very pleased with how well it performed. It was effortless removing the piston, which even had some kind of sealant on it.

True, this is not a "professional" tool by some folks standards, but it sure works well for me. And if I get pro-results with it, which spend money on something fancier? :)

So, what do you all think of this homemade piston tool? Since it's just a pair of tweezers, I can easily bend it to fit other pistons in a pinch.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you like it! Has anybody else made there own piston tools? I know they're not widely available for purchase, so I'll bet a few of us have definitely done similar things.

That's it for now ladies and gentlemen. Have a great day. :)

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