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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Three cursive italic re-grinds and one happy client!

I recently had the pleasure of grinding three nibs for a client of mine. I love grinding nibs! These were all cursive italics, and all for Bexleys. I haven't seen or handled very many Bexleys before, so this was a real treat.

To the left - a Bexley Simplicity II, now fitted with a lovely broad 777 Pen Repair cursive italic!
To the right - A Bexley Elegancia, now sporting a medium 777 Pen Repair cursive italic!

I really enjoyed testing out both these pens during the grinding process! They are very comfortable in hand.

Here are all four nibs. We have one 2 M CI's, and 2 B CI's. One broad was ground by someone else, though I adjusted the flow, and used it as a template for the other nibs per the customers request. One medium CI started as a B, but I was asked to reground it to a M CI, since the client prefers his nibs in that size.

Another close up shot. Makes me wish I had a better camera to show of the details of the tipping shape. :)

You'll want to click on this one to get a super-sized view of it! Each nib shows wonderful variation, and they're all very smooth too!

Here's that lovely broad CI! I was really liking the way this nib turned out.

Here's a medium CI. Not quite as much variation as the B, but still excellent.

I also had the enjoyment of tuning-up a Sheaffer for this client.

Best of all, it was equipped with a lovely Sheaffer semi-flex "feather touch" nib!

The client was very pleased with the nibs when he got them back! Here's what he told me in an email:

"Hi, Tyler--

It's the first day of classes here at college, and while I am never thrilled to see another summer end, this year, thanks to you, I have lots and lots of options for grading papers and taking notes during lectures.  

Now that I have had several weeks to experiment with your handiwork, I write to thank you very much.  I tend to prefer fine and extra-fine nibs, so I naturally gravitated toward the medium cursive-italics you ground for me.  And they are indeed lovely--fine, with subtle variation, and incredibly smooth.  I have one in my briefcase right now.  But the broad CIs might bring me over to the big side--even greater line variation and even more smoothness; I keep looking for excuses to ink up one of those and enjoy the ride.

The German nibs you ground sell for $15 each at  As round nibs, they are perfectly serviceable.  But add your reasonably priced grinding, and they are a superb bargain.  If other customers ask you about the possibility of custom-ground steel nibs, I will be glad to sing their praises. With money tight and with the price of gold reaching new records constantly, these are a terrific budget option.

Thank you again, Tyler!  You can bet that I will be back in touch with more work later.  In the meantime, best wishes for success in your business."

- R. I.

Needless to say, I was very happy to hear that he was pleased with the nibs! It's my favorite thing to hear a client who is happy with my work, and willing to return again for more.

Let me know if I can do anything for you. My nib grinding prices are very inexpensive, at only $25.00 a nib! And my amazing 1 week turn-around time lets you enjoy your nibs sooner!

Just send me an email anytime! I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. :)

777 - Tyler Dahl

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