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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ink Review - Noodlers Green

Here's an example of a green that I don't really like. I hate to start out a review saying that, but I try to be as honest as I can.

Noodlers green is not a "bad" ink, but it has some quirks that I find annoying. It is also not (this is totally my opinion) a good shade of green. It has too much yellow in it, and not enough blue.

I'll jump right in with the text-review. Enjoy!

Remember, the underlined parts are added in after the review was written. :)

Ink review: Noodlers Green

Pen and nib: Pelikan M805 with a 777 Pen Repair Cursive Italic (BB).

Dry time: 20+ seconds. Very slow dry time...

Smear when dry: NO

Lubrication: Decent - about normal for Noodlers.

Shading: Good - shades between a dark green and a light yellow/green.

Feathering: Not bad at all. Not much feathering even out of this big nib.

Bleedthrough: Moderate - no better or worse than any average ink.

Notes: This is a pretty decent green, but I don't personally like the yellow undertone. The super-slow dry time is a problem too. Also, the ink has a VERY strong chemical smell. It is so strong, that every time I uncap my pen, I can smell it. It is a sweet-ish smell, and I find it rather nasty.

Do note: The swab is very accurate to the color of the ink. The text looks more like that in real-life, but the scan made it look a bit darker than it really is. Just thought I'd let ya' know. ;)

Overall I don't think this is a bad ink, but I MUCH prefer my favorite green -PR Sherwood Green. Check out the review of that too, if you've got the time! Sherwood green has that deep solid green that I expected from this color. Noodlers green might have been better if it didn't have the strong chemical smell, and slow dry time. Still, if you REALLY like the color, it might be worth it for you. I just tihnk there are better greens out there. :)

Thanks for reading! I do hope you've enjoyed this review! Please let me know your thoughts, and do me the favor of leaving a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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777 - Tyler Dahl


  1. Tyler, I'm not a huge fan of greens in general (though there are exceptions).  Based on your swab, though, and not chemical smell, dry time, or any other variables, I don't think this one is too bad at all.  Would I purchase it?  No, because I already have a bottle of Mont Blanc Irish Green to serve my green writing needs.  There are too many other colors and shades that I like more. ;-)

  2. Yup, I feel that same way Fred. It's not a "bad" color, but I've got too many other ones I DO like, that this one won't make it to the "buy-a-bottle" list.

    I still need to try that sample of MB Green you sent me. In fact, my TWSBI is empty right now... Seize the opportunity!

    thanks fro the inspiration Fred!

  3. I recently got a sample of Diamine Emerald, which seems pretty nice. Personally, I favor more subdued greens, like J. Herbin Vert Empire.

  4. My personal favourite is Lierre Sauvage.

  5. Still never tried a J.H. ink myself. I really need to. I'm thinking of picking up a bottle eventually...

    I need to look at a review of Diamine Emerald Green. Sounds kina' nice.

  6. Sounds like a nice ink! I saw a picture of it, and it looked stunning. I may need to get a sample. :)

  7. Wow I really like this one. Darker than I expected and that shading looks great.

  8. The shading is very good on this one.

    I just yesterday tried MB Green, and it's awesome! A lot of shading, like this ink, but with a more "blue" hue, instead of yellow. And also, much better behaved.

  9. You mean Mont Blanc Green?? That should be interesting. Can't wait for your review.

  10. Yes, Mont Blanc Green. :)

    I'll get the review out fairly soon. I'm pretty excited about this ink. May become a replacement for PR Sherwood Green...