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Sunday, September 11, 2011

777 Pen Repair now on Facebook!

Well, it's official! I now have a 777 Pen Repair Facebook page. I hope to see you all there!

I intend on posting the latest news,  blog updates, and links to my latest sales/deals. It will also be yet another way of communicating with you, my followers and friends. I do hope you will take the time to visit it, and leave me a comment. Your participation is much appreciated!

Feel free to ask questions there, and do whatever else it is people do on FB. :)

Do note that I am new to this whole FB revolution. I'm usually pretty updated on my technology, but I wasn't altogether too interested in FB. But then, I was eventually convinced it was a good idea, and so I made a page.

I'm hoping that I can reach even more people this way, and maybe even get some new people hooked on fountain pens. I've got a lot of friends and family who don't visit my blog, but do visit Facebook. The more the merrier...

Let me know if you can think of any improvements for the page. I would appreciate any and all of your advice!


777 - Tyler Dahl


  1. Tyler, I really dislike the whole Facebook thing but it seems it's the only way I can stay in touch with certain people any more.  Forget about the concept of a telephone call, an e-mail, or *big sigh* a hand written letter using a fountain pen (something I did just this morning).  Many people just don't have a clue.  However, if your Facebook page introduces even one person to the joys of fountain pens and writing then it will have been worth it.  All the best with this new venture and I shall look for you there (when I remember to log on, LOL).

  2. I agree wholeheartedly Freddy. Honestly, it took a LOT of convincing, and thinking for me to finally make a FB page. I do love letters, emails, etc. FB is very impersonal IMHO, but then, some people can only be reached through it.

    I hope I can get a few people hooked on pens through this! I'll be very satisfied if that happens. :)

  3. I agree with Freddy. If we spend all our time in front of a computer, when are we going to find time to actually LIVE life? I was 'convinced' to make a page to enhance my business, but haven't done anything with it since. I really don't know what to do with it.  Maybe somewhere down the line.....but there's so much out there already, who has the time for one more gossip fest?

  4. I do agree. I love the term gossip fest too! LOL...

    It's a good move for me and my business, but if it weren't for that, I would never join Facebook. :)

  5. I wish you best of luck with the FB page, I am just too paranoid about privacy to open a facebook account. OK, I also wouldn't know what to do with it ;)
    However for 777 Pen Repair I think it is a good move, to open up potential.
    Best of luck and I hope you won't forget us non-fb people ;)

  6. Hey Sven,

    Privacy is indeed something that you should be concerned about. I take great care to protect mine, even on FPN...

    Never ever, ever, ever, will I forgot my non FB people. :) Actually, FB is just a way to get the blog more publicity. I want some of my friends/family to catch the fountain pen bug!