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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ink Review - Diamine Yellow

Another yellow ink for review today. This one is definitely different from the last one I reviewed (Diamine Sunshine). It's much more bright, and suited to be a highlighting ink. The brightness of it makes it somewhat unpleasant for everyday use, especially for writing letters, but I think this ink may have a place in some applications.

The ink up for review is Diamine Yellow. This is Diamine's version of pure, straight up, yellow. And it is indeed yellow. Most of the time!

As always, the typed-text version of the review, for easier reading. Also as usual, we've got the underlined parts, which means I added it in after the review was written.

Ink review: Diamine Yellow

Pen and nib: TWSBI 540 with a Tyler Dahl stub

Color: Yellow, with a little hint of orange. This orange hint becomes more visible as the ink dries, and ages. When first applied to the page, it is bright yellow, but after a week, it looks like yellow/orange to me.

Dry time: 10 seconds. Very good!

Smear when dry: NO

Lubrication: None, or very close to none. This is a VERY watery ink, and thus has no lubricating properties. This is another reason is excels at being a highlighter ink.

Shading: None at all. Not even hint. Once again, after the ink is dried, it changes! There is in fact, some light shading in the ink after it has "aged" for a week.

Feathering: None at all!

Bleedthrough: None!

Notes: This is an ink that I personally find is really only useful for highlighting - which it is good at. It is very hard to read though when used to write in any substantial length. I like it decently, but I don't highlight much, so it's not a keeper for me. If you like to highlight - this may be a good option!

This scan came out really accurate actually, which I was very happy about. Most yellow inks seem to show up poorly.

Here's an example of it used for highlighting. Let it be noted that the color is off in the below picture. It is just here to show how transparent the ink is.
Also, do note that this card was taken from the Goulet Pen Company's ink syringe set. Please visit them sometime, and check em' out. They're the best company out there that retails inks, pens, etc. :)

So there you go - Diamine Yellow. I'm not a huge fan of this ink for one main reasons:

The color (for me personally) is to bright for everyday use, but a little to dark for highlighting! This makes it bad for both applications in my eyes. Some people might love this ink color, but for me, I'd prefer Diamine Sunshine for everyday writing, and something a bit brighter for highlighting.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this review! Please, let me know what you think of the ink, and the review. Drop me a comment, and don't be shy. :)

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Tyler Dahl


  1. Wow, I had to put on my sunglasses to read your review. ;-)  To me, this ink is bright to the point of being annoying!  While also not a very practical color, I much prefer Private Reserve's Buttercup.  It is a yellow with a hint of orange and, to my mind, easier on the eyes.

  2. Yea, it's a bright one for sure!

    I am really loving the Diamine Sunshine Yellow. It's very easy to read, and offers a good amount of shading.

    I have a sample of PR buttercup, and it's next in line to try. I'll get up a review of that one, and see how it compares.