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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to disassemble a Parker 45!

Here's a video that I've made in response to a question from a customer of mine. He asked if I could perhaps show how to take apart a Parker 45. We struck a deal - I polish his pen and tune it up if I'm allowed to review it. So that's what you're seeing here. I'm going to take-down a Parker 45 on camera. Hopefully it'll be easy to follow along in case you want to do this yourself.

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Enjoy and drop me a comment if you like this!

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  1. Hey Tyler, thanks!  It really helps to have this demystified.  I would have thought it was much more complicated than that.  I find the Parker 45 a great little writer and considering the pen is about 50 years old, it has remained in remarkably good condition.  Well, at least I think so but you'd know better. ;-)

  2. Hehe, it was a whole lot easier than I thought too. :) I got th epen and sat down and said: "alright, lets get the manuals out and see about breaking this down". Then I looked at it: "pretty simple looking thing..."

    I had it apart in about 10 seconds, no manual... :)

    Yea, I like the Parker 45's. My only problem is (this is just me too) I think  the tapered design looks just a tad goofy. Just a little though. The performance of the pen certainly wins me over. I've always wanted a 51 flighter but couldn't afford one. P45 flighters are a lot cheaper and still have that cool look of an all metal pen.

    777 - Tyler Dahl

  3. Just a couple small points to add.

    Possibly the biggest negative on the P-45 is the plastic they were made of. It's softer and shrinks.  You may notice this in two areas.  Often, the clutch inside the cap will put indentions in the barrel. No real issue there other than aesthetic. However, sometimes when the plastic shrinks a bit the section trim ring comes loose from the barrel. 

    When you are disassembling a P-45, especially if you happen to be flushing the pen over the sink (open drain) note whether your trim ring is secure or a spinner. The trim rings are very prone to going bye-bye on you if you miss it and that's easy to do.  A few toothpick tip dots of shellac under the ring should immobilize it once again.

    Bruce in Ocala, FL

  4. I have the Parker 45 ballpoint could you please show how to disassemble that?

  5. I have the Parker 45 ballpoint could you please show how to disassemble that?