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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A 777 Pen Repair Super-Deal! Grab it while you can!

This pen has been spoken for!

Thanks for looking... :)

Hey Guys!

Another 777 special for you today! I have for-sale a lovely green Sheaffer Valiant Pen & Pencil Set. This is the FAT model. NOT the thin model. I love the size of this pen! Very comfortable in hand! This set is in excellent condition with one minor flaw. I'll get to that later...

Set has been restored by me to perfect working order. Plunger works very smoothly and pen takes up a huge amount of ink. Sac has been replaced along with the o-ring for years of reliable performance. Cosmetically both pen and pencil are excellent showing the normal signs of wear one would expect on pens of this age. Blind cap imprint is crisp as well as the the barrel imprint.

The nib is a smooth fine. It has some comfortable feedback. Meaning that you can feel it on paper but it's still smooth. I love my pens like this! Flow is about 6/10 - very nice. The nib has the one flaw I spoke of earlier. The two-tone plating has worn of the the nib. It's all gold now. Looks pretty still but it's not "original" so-to-speak.

Pencil is in perfect working order. Comes with lead in it, quite a few pieces. Still has the eraser on it and still works! I wrote a few lines and erased just one word. I like to save the eraser... :)

Case is in decent condition. Inside it's very nice but the top of the case has substantial wear to it. Looks like it got wet, just look at the pictures...

Factoring in the minor cosmetic flaw this pen is priced to sell at only $70.00 shipped! Please add $5.00 for Non USA residents!

Don't let this deal get away from you! This is an excellent daily writer for your collection!

Those interested my email here...


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