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Friday, June 3, 2011

SOLD! - Jinhao X450 with a 777 Soft Cursive Italic Nib!

This pen has been spoken for!

Thanks for looking... :)

Hello guys,

Today I have for sale a beautiful Jinhao X450 Blue Swirl Fountain Pen. This classic torpedo-shaped pen is a lovely color! Stunning blue with  very slight purple undertones in direct sunlight. C/C filler and comes with a converter. This pen is made of brass and is somewhat heavy. It is extremely comfortable in hand! Its thickness and heft give it a feel of higher quality than it really is. The size/weight reminds me of the feel of a Pelikan m800/m1000.

This pen has been filled once by me to test the nib after I ground it. After I found it satisfactory I flushed it completely and cleaned it up. So basically it's brand new except for one "test-inking"!

It has a snap cap that is on the tighter side. This is part of the only decent QC from china. I check all of my pens thoroughly before grinding them and selling them so you are assured that this pen works 100%! It's just not the fit and finish of a $500.00 pen... :) As far as value-for-dollar this pen wins 100 times over!

This section on this pen has triangle gripping areas that are very comfortable to use but not sharp enough to bother if you don't care for it. I personally use it but some with different gripping-styles may prefer to grip differently. Luckily it's soft and comfortable to grip in any way you like!

The star of this pen is its nib! It is fitted with a huge, approx. 1" long, two-tone, 18k gold-plated, soft-springy nib! Feels just like a Pelikan m1000 nib! It's lovely! The best part is that it has been modified to a smooth, crisp, wet, cursive italic! This nib provides a delicious experience with loads of line-variation, smooth stokes for quick writing, and that lovely springiness we spoke of earlier! It's a medium "flexing" to a broad with light pressure. This nib is incredible!

The price for this little gem is only $35.00 shipped!

Non USA residents - just $5.00 more for shipping!

Those interested in purchasing - email me here.

Here are some pictures!

Check out the gorgeous blue-swirl patterning on this pen! Looks like candy!

Here's that gorgeous, soft & springy nib!

Comes with a converter!

A delicious CI grind! Check out the line variation!

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