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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ink Review - Diamine Oxblood

Diamine Oxblood is a relatively new ink from Diamine, and it has quickly become a very popular one. I finally got a sample, to see for myself what this ink was all about. It certainly lived up to its expectations! For me personally, I prefer a different red color, but I know this one deserves the popularity it has gotten. It is a lovely color.

Ink Review: Diamine Oxblood

Pen and nib: Lamy 2000 - B nib

Color: Deep burgundy, brown, red. It is named very appropriately! Many people call the color "wine".

Dry time: 20+ seconds. That is not fast... Do factor in that this is a VERY free flowing ink.

Smear when dry: NO

Lubrication: Average. It's a bit more watery than thick. I usually prefer this, as it makes inks easier to clean.

Shading: Low to moderate. Not a lot of shading, and probably none in a XF/F nib. I'll have to test that though...

Feathering: None!

Bleed through: Moderate. - Just a little, but not at all bothersome.

Notes: A very interesting ink to be certain. I like it, but I don't love it. I just usually prefer a more vibrant, brighter red. It is a very elegant and understated color, and is lovely when paired with some good off-white paper!

And there you have it - Diamine Oxblood. I think the ink is great! I don't want a bottle personally, but there are many who absolutely love this ink. And I can see why.

I hope you've enjoyed this review. Please, do leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on both the ink, and the review. Your feedback is always appreciated!

Best Regards,
Tyler Dahl

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