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Thursday, October 6, 2011

News update!

Hey guys! Time for a little update on what's going on over at Tyler Dahl Fountain Pens. :)

First off, for short, we're calling it "Tyler's Pens". That's not official or anything, but it's more convenient than saying Tyler Dahl Fountain Pens all the time.  ;)

I am leaving an vacation from the 7th, to the 22nd of October! It's a much needed break, and I am very grateful for it.

While I am gone I encourage you to go and read up on old information lurking around on both my blogs. 

For those who love pen repair there's: The Repairer's Bench

For those who love pens, inks, and paper reviews: My original blog (name soon to change, undecided for now. :)

If you missed my last update, I'll re-cap briefly:

I am moving my original website/blog (777penrepair) and splitting it up. There will be three websites: - This is going to move all business stuff to a permanent, and "stationary" website. 

The Repairer's Bench! - This is a new blog for those who love home-repairs, and are just interested in what I do. Please, do check this one out. It's just started up, and it's already a lot of fun! - Soon to change names to a new blog website. This will be home to all my ink, pen, and paper reviews.

Now for the new updates:

The launch date for the official website ( is uncertain, but is expected to be around the end of October to the first week of November!

 I am going to have some great stuff on there like:

A monthly tray of vintage restored pens!

- A huge FAQ section, with detailed information on all sorts of stuff.

- A large database of pen information and articles!

Lot's more too! I just can't name it all right now.

Life has been busy for me, so that's why I am taking the vacation. I will have no email communication during the two weeks that I am gone. I greatly appreciate your understanding on this. I just need some time to relax, chill, and forget about my business temporarily. 

Once I'm back, things will go into full swing! With the new website up, and two blogs running, I'll be a very busy guy. Not to mention all the pens I am fixing for you folks. :)

But it's great to be busy, doing what I love most!

Overall it's going to be fun, difficult, and a great learning experience. I am looking forward to coming home, and setting things up on the new website. I hope you will enjoy the new blog, and all the cool changes!

That's all for now, and you won't hear from me again until I return form my trip. Take care!

Tyler Dahl :D

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