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Friday, December 9, 2011

TWSBI EF nib comparison

My internet was down this morning, so that's why I'm late. One of the downfalls of satellite over dial-up. It's still 1000x better than dial-up though... :) On with the article!

Well, I bought an EF nib for my TWSBI, the reason why, I'll be discussing tomorrow. :)

Here's a quick comparison of the TWSBI EF, compared to a Pilot VP F, and Lamy 2000 B.

Click to enlarge,  if you want to see this close up.

From what I can tell, my TWSBI EF writes a hair thicker than my VP fine! This is what I was expecting, due to several reports.

Not a disappointment, as I like the size of my VP fine a lot, and any smaller would be to much so for me. Still, if you're looking for a true EF nib, the TWSBI might disappoint you.

Has anyone else noticed this? I've heard that the EF might actually be thicker than the TWSBI F nib. Anyone here who wants to confirm that? Drop me a comment and let me know!

That's all for now folks. :)

Tyler Dahl

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