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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Reads 6-23-12

Welcome again to another edition of the Weekend Reads. It won’t be much longer till I’m gone in Texas, so enjoy them while they last.

As of today, I have nearly 4.5 weeks till my departure. Depending on how busy I am, we may only have 2–3 Weekend Reads left.

That being said, let’s take advantage if the time we have, and get right to it!

Links of the week: Top picks from my favorite blogs and forums.

#1: Check out this interesting poll by FPGeeks. It gives an interesting glimpse of the ages of folks who are frequenting their site, and more importantly, who are using fountain pens. There were more young people than I thought, but the 30-40's category seems to be winning as usual. This link will take you to the polls archive. The current poll is at the top, on the right side, but they may archive it on Monday, since it's a weekly thing. Just look for this title: What is your age range? (Chronologically speaking, of course.)

#2: If you want an excellent overview of different FP filling mechanisms, look no further than this extensive video from Brian Goulet.

#3: Another great ink review from Peninkcillin, here's Noodlers Bad Blue Heron. Strange name for an ink in my opinion, but the color is pretty nice actually, and that's coming from me, who typically hates dark blue/black-ish inks.

#4: Lastly, an interesting post on FPN that reminds me that some companies (even big companies) still have good customer service. Makes me want to add a Pelikan pen to my collection again.

Q&A Time:

Well I’ll be honest, the questions haven’t been coming in this week. I suppose that’s mostly due to my leaving soon.

But still, I will try to keep up the Q&A Time till I leave. If you want me to continue, email me with your questions. I can’t answer questions unless you ask them! :) Remember, it can be anything you like: Inks, pens, cases, repairs - you name it. As long as it’s a question.

And thank you all for your support!

I’m also skipping the blog forecast. Mainly because, as you may have noticed this past week, my blogging schedule has become incredibly unpredictable.

The only thing that’s really a priority is the Weekend Reads. Aside from that, everything else during the week is based on how much time I can manage.

I would like to do a poll this week, so I can gather everyone's thoughts about the "new" blog commenting upgrade. We'll see if I can manage that, as I am not that good at setting up polls. :)

As of now, I am currently balancing on a very flimsy line. Trying to keep up blogging, when I’ve got dozens of customers emailing me weekly to see if their pens will be finished in time, before I leave. Both are important to me, but blogging is definitely second priority compared to finishing and returning pens before I shut down for 9 weeks!

Once again I’ll thank you all for your patience and understanding. You are the best of readers for sticking with me, even after all this confusing stuff. :)

And with that I will wrap up this rather short Weekend Reads. Remember to email me with questions if you want some Q&A Time next week!

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