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Friday, May 13, 2011

A bunch of pens for sale! Parker, Sheaffer, and Esterbrook!!!

Hello to all of my Blog readers, subscribers, followers, etc. Today I am offering for sale a bunch of freshly restored pens. All are excellent writers and are ready for new homes.

To purchase any of these pen or ask a question, please email me here.

Parker 51 Vacumatic in the color Dove Grey.
This pen has been professionally restored by me and is working just as well as the day it was made. Takes up ink very well and writes just as nicely!

Clip is tight but does show brassing. Imprint is good. Blind cap is very well aligned in respect to the barrel. Surface is excellent cosmetically. No scratches or gouges, just the typical micro-scratching we see on pens of this age. Jewel is good but not the prettiest thing in the world... Overall a very nice pen!

Nib is a fine bordering a medium and writes a very nice smooth line at 7/10 on the wetness scale. The nib has the kind of perfect feedback that I love in my nibs. Smooth yet you can feel it on the paper...A great writer this pen is!

Price is $85.00 + shipping (CONUS only) - $5.00. PayPal please.


Sheaffer Sovereign TD Thin Model.
It is the TM or thin model which I find very comfortable in my hand. This pen has been professionally restored by me and takes up a great amount of ink. More than some of my other pens in fact. Filling system is very smooth to operate and will last for years to come with the new sac that I've installed.

The pen has been filled with ink for testing and then thoroughly flushed clean. While inked up I tuned the nib to ensure proper writing and alignment.

The pen is in excellent condition with the micro-scratching that one would expect on a pen of this age. Trim is good, clip is tight, nib is clean and beautiful! Blind cap imprints show wear. Pen Imprint is good. Overall a very nice pen!

The nib specifically is a medium to my eyes. It writes a very nice line with that perfect kind of feedback that I love. I would say this nib is "soft". Not flexible but definitely soft. A very nice writer this pen is! The plating on the nib is very good, the only minor problem with the nib is this: there is one feed fin that is broken. You will see it in the last picture. It's hardly noticeable from afar and has no effect on the performance of the pen.

The price for this little gem is $65.00 shipped (CONUS only). PayPal please.


Esterbrook Dollar Pen/Pencil set in the color copper.
This set is in perfect working condition and has been professionally restored by me. The pen takes ink, and writes very nicely. The pencil also works perfectly. It expels led when the top is pushed. It still has the double sided eraser and is mostly unused. The pencil is filled with about 5 pieces of the original lead (.036" diameter).

To get specific here's what was done with the pen: New sac installed and dusted in pure talc for smooth functioning. Nib was cleaned very thoroughly. The 9550 nib has been dip tested and tuned by me to ensure excellent performance. This is a great nib! It's an Extra-Fine that writes a true EX line. For this size of nib it's considerably smooth and is not to dry or to wet. 5/10 I'd say on the wetness scale. Pen was cleaned and polished to a gorgeous shine! This pens cosmetic condition is as near perfect you can get without being mint. Almost no micro-scratching at all. and absolutely no scratches, dings, cracks, or gouges.

The pen is specifically a 1941-1942, H (Demi) model. It's on the small side but would make a superb pocket pen!

The only, only cosmetic quibble with this pen is this: the gorgeous 9550 nib has some very, very small dotted nib pitting spots. Just look at the pictures. If this bothers/discourages potential buyers at all please let me know. I can exchange it for a different nib per request. I'm just selling it with this one cause' it's original.

This is truly a stunning pen/pencil set that needs a loving home.

Price is $100.00 shipped (CONUS only). PayPal please.


Red Esterbrook J.
Here is a beautiful pen that needs a new loving home. This poor little guy came to me in a disastrous condition. Horrible scratches, a cracked piece, dirty...

I was going to scrap it but the color of red was just so gorgeous I couldn't let it go. Finally I decided to revive it. So here it is, a pretty Red Esterbrook J with just a few problems. I call this pen user-grade but if you're not looking for the flaws you'd think it was almost perfect.

What's wrong with it? I'll tell you. Both of these flaws are pictured below so please check them out.
1 - There are two deep indents in the cap. They look very non-offensive and are barely noticeable from far away.
2 - Here's the bugger, the threads on the barrel had a small chuck broken out of them. So, to fix it I cemented the section and barrel and broken piece all together. They are very secure and will not fall apart on you. You don't hardly even notice the cracks but they're there.

So, those buggers aside this is a stunning pen! Gorgeous red color that's a real looker!

The nib on this pen is one of the best I've used. Perfect combo of smooth and feedback. 6/10 on the wetness scale. This pen is a fabulous writer.

So, this red J is ready to be taken into a new loving home where it will be used well. It's a great daily user and still looks excellent!

What do we say to $30.00 shipped?


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