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Friday, May 20, 2011

Time Lapse Nib Grinding Video Coming Up Soon!!!

Don't miss it guys! I finally got out the camera (yea, it's a cheap one...) and decided to start producing a few videos for the blog! This may become big if I get a good response to it. Expect this video later this afternoon. I've never done a blog-video so things may not work out but if all goes well then I'll have the first 777 Pen Repair video up by tonight at latest!

This video is a time lapse of me grinding a fine-italic nib. I thought it'd be cool to show and I thought it turned out pretty nice for my little camera... :) You will note that the white balance will change occasionally throughout the film... Oh well, if this gets big then maybe I'll upgrade my camera!

Here's a screenshot!

777 - Tyler Dahl

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