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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Watch out for metal roofing... It's nasty stuff...

So, everyone tells me that metal roofing is very dangerous if you don't have gloves on. Of course you believe them, sort of...

However, when you're right in the middle of a project, stopping and running in your house to get some gloves can be rather annoying.

So, Here's what that nasty roofing did to me. Cut me right across my knuckle down to the bone. About a 1/2 inch cut from the top of the knuckle to the below the side...

Had to wear this cast thingy cause' it was right on the top of my knuckle. Couldnt' bend it for a few days...

Yup, that's me, just slapped a band-aid right on and forgot about it.

Here it is after a few days of healing. Not too bad actually.

So, my word of caution: It's worth getting out some gloves when you're working with sheet metal. Of course you know what I did right after I cut myself? I threw a band-aid on and without gloves walked right back outside and started working again. :headsmack: Will I ever learn?

777 - Tyler Dahl

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