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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting closer to ending the free giveaway! But wait, there's more!

Some of you new visitors to my blog may not know yet so I'll first inform you. I'm giving away a fountain pen with one of my custom nib grinds on it. To enter for a chance to win, visit this page!

The new subscribers has been a little slow, so I thought I'd throw in another little something to speed this contest up a bit! Here's a something you won't want to miss out on!

Three people who have entered the contest will also be chosen to win a special prize!

Three randomly chosen entries will be selected to receive a free custom grind on one of their pens! This is yet another chance to try out a 777 Pen Repair custom grind for absolutely free! Those three who win the free grinds will have their choice of a crisp italic, cursive italic, or stub. Just visit this page to enter for a chance to win!

So now we've got 4 prizes to be won! You really don't want to miss this now. Let's get the ball rolling and get the remaining new subscribers we need to finish this giveaway!

To all of you who have already entered, you're doing a great job! I've already had 41 entries and 15 new subscribers. I started at only 19 and now I'm up to 34. Still, we have a ways to go if we want to reach 100 and bring the contest to an end. Lets see if we can knock-out those remaining 85 new subscribers, shall we? Here's some things you'll want to do to speed things up!

  • Again, if you haven't, subscribe now. That puts us 1 subscriber closer to giving away the pen!
  • Tell a friend or two about this giveaway. This one is really important. Think about it, if each of my 34 current subscribers tells just two friends about this giveaway, we've got a potential 68 new subscribers coming in. That would wrap up the giveaway very quickly! You can email this, post it on facebook, "tweet" it on twitter, or any other sharing network. Spread the word!
  • Post about this giveaway on your own blog. By posting this on your own blog you'll not only provide more subscribers, thus finishing the giveaway sooner, but you'll also generate more traffic to you blog!  Interlinking between blogs really works.
Now, as always, your question may be "why would I want to subscribe?". It's a good question, and there's a good answer for it! Here's a few reasons you'll want to subscribe to 777 Pen Repair:
  1. Keep on top of the latest news - Subscribing will keep you updated so you can be first to get there for all my future give-aways.
  2. Manage your favorite content better - Subscribing will help you keep track of all the new content I put out.
  3. It's free - no strings attached - What can you say to that! Subscribing costs you nothing and can only benefit you! All you need is an account with Google or any other subscribing platform.


  1. Hey Tyler, another great incentive for your blog. :-)  If I were to win a custom grind, I think I know which one I'd choose...but then I might change my mind. LOL.

  2. I am curious if you (or if it can be done) can grind a rhodium plated nib from an M to an EF? I just purchased a Plelikan Indian Summer but it only came in an M size nib. If I were to win the free grinding, this may be the one I chose to have done. Nice blog you have.

  3. Hello Dan!

    Yes, a nib can be ground down to size. If you'd prefer that if you were to win I can do it.

    P.S. - I've transferred your comment over to the give-away post for archival reasons. :)

    777 - Tyler Dahl

  4. It can be hard to pick out a grind. :) If it's your first grind I'd probably go for a stub or CI. I personally like the CI's but stubs are great too!

    777 - Tyler Dahl

  5. Hello, I have be out of the loop for awhile and just learned about the give away.  I probably am to late, but what the heck....nothing ventured - nothing gained.  I would use Pelikan Royal Blue ink.

  6. Is the contest over?

    If so, oh well. Great blog, bud =).