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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Reads 3/17/12

Well, time for a somewhat shortened Weekend Reads! It'll be fun, I promise. ;)

Some of you may have heard about why this weeks going to be cut a little short. Again, I really appreciate you guys for being so patient with me.

But onto the fun part now! Relax and enjoy the semi-shortened reads!

NOTE: Sorry this was so late! It was set to auto-post at 6:00AM this morning. Oddly, it was automatically re-scheduled for 10:09PM. Whay? I don't know... Oh well. :)

No podcast for this week guys. :( 

I just wasn't able to commit the time necessary to make it happen this week. I do apologize if you were looking forward to it. Good news is that next week looks wide open for doing a nice catch-up podcast!

Now time for some good Links of the Week: Top picks from my favorite blogs and forums!

#1: This is absolutely incredible! Someone has done these amazing macro shots of ink in water. Check it out, you won't regret spending a good hour just staring at these mind blowing pictures! Makes me want to try it myself, but I know I wouldn't do it justice. :)

#2: If you're interested in glass dip pens, this is a great place to start. Very thorough, well done review.

#3: Want a challenge this weekend? Check out this post from FPGeeks. Features a nice little comic, and challenge to write a letter to someone this weekend. I'm going to commit to it, and write a letter to someone this weekend. How about you? :)

Now for our little mini Q&A Time:

Q: Pen shows - have you attended any as a vendor/repair-person yet? If not, are there some that you plan to attend (or wish to attend)?

A: I desperately want to go to a pen show, but I simply haven't been able too! I've never attended as a vendor, though I might eventually. For now, my only current plan is possibly going to the DC Super Show this August. I'd love to come there, walk around, talk with you all, and buy some pens!

In the future, I would like to go to a couple of shows a year. As a vendor, I'd love to be able to offer on-site repairs, nib grinding, as well as offering a selection of vintage and modern pens for sale. Of course this is all what I'd like to be doing. :) We'll see what actually happens over the next few years.

I've actually only ever been to two shows, both in DC. I was so new to pens though, I had no idea what I was looking at. It was confusing to me, though still really fun. Next time I go, I'll be much more prepared, and I'd venture to say I'll have quite a bit more experience under my belt as well. :)

That's it for the Q&A this week. I want to save my favorite questions (not saying that I didn't love this one!) for when I can do the podcast.

That's it for this weeks mini-reads. I hope you all enjoyed it, in spite of the rather short length. 

Next week we'll resume with the podcast and a full-length Weekend Reads.

For now, I'm going to get some much needed rest. I will be getting up at midnight to head with my family down to the bus station, where we'll pick up my brother and sister!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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