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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Reads 3/24/12

We're back again with the Weekend Reads! Sorry about missing last week, but hey, we're back now and that's what matters, right? ;)

I've got some good stuff this week, including the podcast!

Relax, and enjoy yourself, with some good FP reading.

First up - the Weekend Reads Podcast!

Let me know what you think of this weeks podcast!

Please direct Q&A questions to: I'd love to hear from you!

Let's move on to the Links of the Week: Top picks from my favorite blogs and forums.

#1: You gotta admit, this is one really cool pen holder! Fit's onto a notebook (I believe they sell them), or anything similar sized, and holds your pens in style. I've been eyeing these for a while, but never have decided to purchase one. Anyone else owned one of these? I'd love to hear your experiences if you have.

#2: A genius designed bookmark? Absolutely - this is most definitely it. :) I am definitely buying one of these, or better yet, attempting to make one myself.

#3: Brian Goulet has done an incredibly useful and interesting post on how certain FP highlighter inks show up when copied via a copier machine. I've yet to try a FP highlighter ink, but this post has definitely helped me decide which ones I'd be more interested in.

#4: FPGeeks shows of some insider info on the new TWSBI mini! I've been really looking forward to this pen - how about you? A mini TWSBI would be great for me to carry around in my pocket. Also, this TWSBI mini will have a cap that screws onto the back-end for posting. Nice!

Now let's move on to Q&A Time!

Q: "Is it ever not a good idea to constantly change ink colors in a pen, either because different inks have different qualities that might affect the pen itself or because constantly cleaning the pen is as bad as not cleaning it enough, or some other reason?  Or, may I keep switching colors to suit my mood?"

A: Sure! You can change inks as often as you like. I actually encourage it, because it causes you to clean your pen more often, which is definitely beneficial.

The only time I would say not to change inks often is if you're one of those people who runs through a fill of ink every day. I go through a fill of ink in about 2 weeks to a month. I  change inks every time I re-fill. But I probably wouldn't if I had to re-fell more often than once every other week. It's really up to you though. I highly doubt you'll hurt your pen by over-cleaning it.

Q: "Can you tell me whether in your opinion that its worth it to pay for high priced inks like Iroshizuku or Pelikan Edelstein?"

A: Good question. I've often wondered what the difference is myself, until I did some experimenting and tried out some different inks. I've never personally tried an Edelstein  ink, but I LOVE Iroshizuku ink. Allow me to explain why:

I'll make a comparison for an example - Iroshizuku Kon Peki VS. Diamine Asa Blue. These two have been compared quite often.

Color: Kon Peki wins for me. It's a truer blue, though Diamine Asa comes extremely close.

Performance: Kon Peki dries faster, does not stain, and flows superbly in any of my pens. Asa Blue has a big problem with smearing when dry, and being rather difficult to clean out of pens, as well as being slow to dry.

Let's just face it - Iroshizuku inks have the best looking bottles ever. :) That's part of why I love them so much.

Overall, it's up to you. If I like an expensive ink, I'm not going to seek out a cheaper alternative because I know it will disappoint. Likewise, if I find a cheaper ink that I love, I will not seek  to replace it with a more expensive one.

Lastly, the blog forecast!

  • That review of the MonteVerde Invincia Stylus is most definitely due. I'll be attending to that first thing. :)
  • I'd love to do an ink review of J. Herbin Eclat. de Saphire. Lovely ink, that I just started using. Can't wait to review that one.
I may not get time for much else, as my vacation is fast aproaching, and I'll be getting busy prepping for that.

That's it folks! Enjoy, and have a great weekend! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this weeks reads.

As always, suggestions and questions are greatly appreciated!

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