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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paper mini-review: Umm....

Well, I'm not really sure this paper even has a name. :) It's a no-name brand paper, from a dollar store.

I was given this notepad by a friend, and I must say, I had my doubts about it. All of my doubts have now been squashed however, and I have a new respect for this unassuming little pad.

This is going to be more of a mini-review/first-looks type of thing, rather than one of my normal full-on reviews. I really just wanted to spread the word about these, and see if they're easy to get a hold of. I honestly don't know.

My friend says he found them at a local dollar store. Here's what the cover looks like:

Yea, I know... They look a bit outdated, but trust me, when you see the paper tests you'll change your mind about them. :)

Now let's check out this paper's ink-handling performance, shall we?

So I dripped some Diamine Orange on here. This is after it's been sitting for about 30seconds.

I finally got bored of waiting and smeared it around. Can you see any feathering?

On the back - barely any bleed-through, though it is there.

How does it take normal pen ink, written in a normal fashion?

Click on this photo to enlarge it, and let yourself be the judge. I'd say it performs very well. :)

The back - just a touch of show-through, but I can still write on the back.

The notebook is held together by being glued at the top. It's a tad flimsy, and I don't think it'd hold up in my pocket for very long.

A stiff cardboard back helps with those times you need to write and you don't have a desk.

This notepad has earned itself a place on my desk, right beside my PC. It's always there, ready to be written on at any time. It takes FP ink incredibly well, and if I can find a place that sells them, I know they're cheap (packaging says $2.79 for a three pack! 100 sheets each!).

My reason for sharing this is really to ask a few questions of you all:

1) Do you think the reason the paper is so nice is because it's made int he USA, and not sourced out to another country?

2) Is this paper available at any of your local dollar store branches? Give it a look and see if it is! I'm interested to know if it's one of those "once in a lifetime" deals, or if it can be had relatively easily.

Well, I've learned not to judge a pad by it's cover. How about you? :) I didn't expect a lot from this paper, but it delivered above and beyond my expectations. Well done!

That's it for now folks. Leave me a comment below if you've got anything to share, or if you want to answer one of my questions. I'd love to hear from you.

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