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Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Update - ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge!

Time for the wrap-up to our fun little ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge!

If you haven't been following along, check out the original post as well as the mid-month update.

I'm pretty excited about this. It is the first time I've ever done something like this, but I think it worked out spectacularly! You'll have to read on, and let me know what you think.

How do you like this for a little "cover/wrap-up" image? :)

This definitely helps get across the way I feel about these two.

"How did they hold up Tyler? What do you think of their performance?"

In a word: incredible.

In detail: These two have surpassed my expectation for a pen and notebook at this price point. The pen especially. This pen was designed for the pocket, and it actually holds up in there too! I am very happy to report that neither one has broken on me, or failed me in any way. They have withstood my tests, and taken anything and everything that I've thrown at them. Let's hit the specifics below, with a little "story book" of photos:

Our little Kaweco looks pretty good considering the bad company he's been keeping for the last month. Hanging out in the same pocket with a knife and keys can be very bad for your health, or so I'm told.

You can see the scratches on the side of the pen in this shot. It's mostly on this side, were it's been rubbing against my knife a lot.

The clip - there's a very tiny amount of plating loss. No brassing that I see yet, but I'm starting to see silver-color showing through the gold plating.

The top jewel is very worn. It's about 70% gold now, but it has lost a lot of it's color now.

The nib? Looks just fine! No plating loss, or any other nonsense. It's just a sturdy, funcitonal nib.

And how about that notebook? Well, take a look and you be the judge!

For being in my back pocket a whole month, I'd say this is a very nice looking notebook. Sure, there are a few creases in it, but it's just as solid as ever, and shows no signs of falling apart at all.

The edge isn't even that worn!

Filled with lots of writing from my Kaweco. They make a good pair. :)

So do I think the Kaweco Sport and CF pocket notebook has passed my challenge? YES, I do! They passed it with flying colors, and I can safely say I enjoy both of them now more than ever. The Kaweco has really earned a place of respect in my pen collection as an extremely reliable pocket pen, built to serve and last.

 After a month in my pocket with keys and a knife, through various harsh conditions, it has nothing more than some scratches and a bit of plating loss. I'm impressed and delighted. No breaks, no  cracks, and no dents or dings! With a good polish, I could have this guy looking like new!

Would I recoomend the Kaweco Sport and CF notebook to you? Depends on what you want. If you want something road-worthy, reliable, no-nonsense, and cheap, then yes, you need these. These are true tools, not just toys. The Kaweco Sport isn't just a gimmicky little kid's pen. It's a true workhorse inline with the proper definition of the word.

That's it folks for the ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge! We're all done! Some have asked if I'll be doing this in the future. I can't say for certain, but there's a very good chance I might. It's been a great way to test a pen and notebook for endurance, reliability, and sturdiness. I've enjoyed doing the test, and I hope you've enjoyed the results.

If you'd be so kind as to leave me a comment below, and let me know what you think/thought of the ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge, I'd really appreciate it! You're feedback would be appreciated. Would you like to see this test done more often?

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Thanks everyone, and have a great day!

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