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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge - Update - 2/13/12

Well, we're two weeks into February, and I think it's time to see how our little pocket-friends are holding up. :)

If you're new to the ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge, check out this post for all the details.

Read on to find out how a Kaweco Sport and a CF Notebook have held up in my pocket for two weeks.
So here we are, two weeks into this, and I must say, so far I'm very impressed. If you were hoping to see pictures of my Kaweco, smashed into pieces, you will unfortunately be disappointed this time. :)

Both the notebook and Kaweco have fared extremely well this round. Let's have a look:

The notebook shows pretty obvious signs of wear. But it's still holding together like new, and considering it's been in my back-pocket for 2 weeks now, I'd say it's done just fine.

Some creases in the edge...

The top that sticks out of my pocket is worn, due to being in contact with so many surfaces all the time.

The bottom edge has fared much better, and shows very little wear.

The Kaweco, from afar, looks unscathed.
Upon a closer look, you will notice a multitude of scratches along the barrel, and marks on one side of the cap. These are from riding right next to my pocket knife.
The clip also has one little mark on it, but overall has survived very well. No brassing yet.

You can also see in this photo, half-way down the barrel, there is that circular patch of marking from screwing the cap on and off.

Both the Kaweco, and the notebook still retain their full functionality, and they don't look that worn either. Thus far, I have nothing bad to say about their abuse-withstanding performance.

My one irk is with the Kaweco, and it's this: Almost every time I open it, there's ink all over inside the cap and on the section. This is because of how badly it gets jostled, so I can't fully blame it. And it hasn't escaped the cap and gotten on my pocket yet either, so I'm happy. :)

What are you all thinking? Does this look like a good sign here of how these are going to perform, both for the rest of the month, and for longer if I decide to keep carrying them? If they keep this up, I'll be ready to give them both gold medals on March 1st. :)

Drop me a comment, and add something to the discussion! Does this match your experience with the Kaweco Sport?

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