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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ink Review - Diamine Orange

How about reviewing one of the brightest inks I've ever used? :)

An orange so vibrant, you'd swear someone's Orange-Cream Popsicle dripped on your page when you see a swab of it.

Diamine Orange is one of the nicest oranges I've ever used! It's far to bright and vibrant to be used in any "normal" setting, but as an orange, it's one of my favorites!

Check out the review, and enjoy!

I know I'm crazy, but I love this ink! :) 95/100 - it's just what I want in an orange!

I purchased this as a sample a long while ago, but never have gotten to using it till this month. Now that I have, I am surprised to admit that I am considering a full bottle. :)

I'm quite fond of the color, as I love (in general) all vibrant, and sparky inks. This one re-defines the word pop! When you put this down on something like bright white Clairefontaine paper, you'll be amazed at it's vibrancy.

That being said, my biggest problem with it thus far, is trying capture it's beauty on camera!

I could not produce a good scan for this review, so I have resorted to taking a few photos, in hopes that I will be able to at least slightly portray how nice looking this ink is.

Let's hit on some key points here:

The Good:
  • Beautiful vibrant ink!
  • Just the right shade of orange, for me personally anyway.
  • Behaves very well: excellent dry time, not even the slightest feathering or bleed-through.
The Bad:
  • Color is completely unsuitable for business situations. :)
  • It's not a practical ink by any means.
The Ugly:
  • Color is so vibrant, that a full page written with it could be very offensive.

Written review:

Ink Review: Diamine Orange

Pen and nib: TWSBI 540 - F nib

Color: (in my own words) HOLY BLAZIN' ORANGE!!!

Dry time: 3 seconds - superb

Smear when dry: NO

Shading: None at all

Lubrication: Moderate to low

Bleed-through: Not one bit

Feathering: Not even a hint of it

Here are the two pictures I took, that somewhat capture the vibrancy and beauty of this ink:

These photos are fairly accurate, but really don't do the ink justice. To put it simply: This color looks like a neon-orange hunting vest! It's practically radioactive looking in person.

The scan is just a bit darker than it should be, and the photo looses the pop that you get in person.

This is an ink that you really must try in person before making a judgment on it. I love it now, but never would've guessed that from reading others reviews of it. I encourage you - go get a sample! Samples are cheap, and this ink is awesome. :) While you're buying, grab some Diamine Red Dragon too!

I really never imagined I'd call this ink a keeper, but for some odd reason, it just sticks with me, and I really want to use it. It's the perfect match for my Demo TWSBI 540:

I am diggin' this combo here. B)

Almost looks like a test-tube, with some kind of delightful (if there is such a thing) chemical inside!

That's all for my review today! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you will consider giving Diamine Orange a chance. It's a beautiful ink, even if it's a bit wild.

Has anyone else tried this ink before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you've tried it before. Am I the only one who loves this color? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

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