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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ink Review - Private Reserve Spearmint

Time for another ink review! I told you would be doing a lot of inks this week. :)

Private Reserve Spearmint is one of my favorite greens out of the bunch that I've tried. It's bright, vibrant, and moderately well behaved.

I'm not quite sure if the color reminds me of spearmint, but nonetheless, it's a beautiful color!
Private Reserve Spearmint is just the right shade of bright vibrant green. I like this ink a lot, and I'll give it an 89/100.

The good: 
  • Beautiful vibrant green
  • Private Reserve inks are fairly inexpensive - just a tad more than Noodlers
  • Wonderful shading properties
The bad: 
  • I experienced a little feathering and bleeding with this ink. But then, I was using a very wet pen, so that accounts for a lot of it.
The ugly:
  • The labels that Private Reserve uses on their ink bottles.... Ugh! They look like someone slapped em' together in PowerPoint!

Overall, PR Spearmint is a lovely shade of green. I own a full bottle of it, and I ain't fixin' to get rid of it! I've searched long and hard for the perfect green, and aside from PR Sherwood Green, this one comes extremely close.

Details time!

Ink review: Private Reserve Spearmint.

Pen and nib: TWSBI 540 - medium nib (very wet!).

Color: Beautiful lush green.

Dry time: 5 seconds, but this is a very wet nib. Dry times will vary greatly depending on the size of the nib and the wetness.

Smear when dry: NO.

Shading: Moderate - but very pretty.

Lubrication: Good.

Bleed through: Moderate -  Using somewhat cheap paper and a wet nib .

Feathering: Moderate - Using somewhat cheap paper and a wet nib.

Ain't that just a gorgeous shade of green! :)

You can see the slight feathering here. Pretty good actually for such a wet nib, but I still would prefer it wasn't there at all.


Overall I find that this really hits the mark of an awesome green ink for me. It's got a good balance of yellows and blues, keeping it right in my favorite green-color-range. It's vibrant, fun, and a really enjoyable ink in general.

I do wish it didn't show quite that much feathering or bleed-through, but it's really tough not too with the paper and pen combo I used. It could be better, but I really wouldn't expect it to be.

When it comes down to it, Private Reserve Spearmint has definitely earned itself my recommendation. If you're in the market for a good green, and you love bight/vibrant colors, this one should fulfill your desire perfectly.

And that concludes this review! I sure hope you enjoyed that. I'll be posting something other than an ink review this Friday, so don't worry - I won't make things get stale. :) I'll wrap the week up on Friday with the conclusion to the ONE MONTH Pocket Challenge! You best be sure you're subscribed so you don't miss out on that.

Thanks for reading everyone. Don't forget to leave me a comment! I want to hear your though on this ink. How do you all like it? What other greens do you like? I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!

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