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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mid-month, February Sale!

Pen Sale! Check out the monthly tray for price-slashed deals!

Aside from being a blogger, I happen to be quite a business man. I decided mid-month this lovely February, to do a nice little sale, just in time for Valentines Day. Take a look and enjoy!

Well, if you've been holding out, waiting for the perfect deal to come along, you've waited long enough!

Now's the perfect time to do some Valentine's Day Shopping on my monthly pen tray. Price-slashed to let you get more bang for your buck. ;)

Check it out, and see if there's anything there you like. Price-cuts won't last forever, so if you like something, I'd recommend you snap it up quickly.

I've got some gorgeous pens available, check out some of them right here:

Parker Vacumatic Emerald Green - Excellent condition!

Copper Esterbrook J Transitional!

Parker Duofold Jr.

There are lots more to choose from, with 12 pens, all restored, ready to write, and waiting for you to take them home. There's something there for everyone. :)

Have a great weekend everybody! See you all on Monday.

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