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Friday, April 1, 2011

Another satisfied customer of 777 restoration services!

So, a week ago I was contacted by Diane B. (again from Fountain Pen Network). After a few short messages she sent me her pen for repair. It was a Blue Esterbook Dollar pen, and in pretty sad shape. The nib had been bent beyond repair, so a new one was in order. The pen had some nasty gouges in the section due to the owner trying out some "self-repair". :) Also, the original owner from some 50 years ago was obviously a chewer! Yikes, there were a lot of bite marks on this pen. Luckily, I was here to "save-the-day" so to speak. Diane hasn't gotten her pen yet, but here's what she said about the finished pictures of it.

"Hi 777,

You've done a fantastic job on the Estie, that nick at the lip is barely noticeable and I don't see any of the other gouges I put in it.  Great work!

Diane was even kind enough to put in a word for me on her own blog! See the post entitled "Esterbrook Dollar Pen"!

Here are the pictures. This pen turned out beautiful!

Best Regards,
777 - Tyler Dahl

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