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Friday, April 1, 2011

A satisfied customers testimonial! Thanks David!

A few months ago I came into contact with David Pritchett via the Fountain Pen Network. After a few emails back and forth he sent me his two pens and five nibs for complete restoration.

"OK, the pen, nibs and ink just got here.  Even though I’m working on a huge, complicated matter for a client, I stopped everything to open the package ( you use tape the way I do when I wrap Christmas presents to try and irritate my boys at the difficulty :) ), look at the nibs, open the ink, unwrap (lastly) the pen, admire it, fill the pen, and write with it.  Man oh man, what a wonderful job you have done.  That is certainly one of the sweetest writing nibs I have ever used! and I have quite a few nice ones (what will I do with them now?). And the pen itself, it shines!  Thank you!"  DAVID

Sounds like David really likes how I've restored his pen and tuned his nib! Do you have an Esterbrook nib that's a little, maybe, messed up? Dry writing, misaligned tines? I can fix that to! Just send me an email to My nib tuning services cost only $15.00! My pen restoration starts at just $25.00!

Here are some pictures of the finished product, a gorgeous green Esterbrook J!

Best Regards,
777 - Tyler Dahl

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