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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Subscribe to my feed! I've just added my Blog to feedburner!

I've just added my Blog to feedburner because of all the great features it offers as compared to a raw XML feed! I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd all subscribe to my feed. I'd love to have you guys and gals out there keeping up with my Blog. I've got lots more fun stuff coming up really soon. Stuff that you're not gonna want to miss!

Here's a few teasers for you all!
- 2 free giveaways!!!
- Make your own bamboo dip pen tutorial!
- Noodlers Cayenne ink review
- Parker 51 compared to the Hero 616 jumbo
- Esterbrook J VS. the Lamy safari!
- Lots and lots more!

I've got a bunch of reviews coming your way as well as comparisons, tips/tricks, and even more tutorials! Don't miss out on the free giveaways either, subscribe to my feed to get notified right away!

777 - Tyler Dahl

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