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Monday, April 11, 2011

Everyone needs help sometimes...

And I'm certainly not the exception! Yes, even I need help - and I need it from you! There are three super easy ways that you can help me out on my Blog, both to keep it up and running, and to encourage me to keep posting more and more.

(1) Subscribe. If you haven't yet subscribed to my feed via email or RSS then feel free to do so! Just sign up for either a desktop or web-based RSS reader to help you keep a constant, organized, and easily manageable stream of posts from your favorite Blogs (like 777 Pen Repair!). If you're worried about having trouble subscribing then fear not! It's super easy and requires just a few clicks! Start by just clicking on the orange button to the left. Subscribing helps keep you updated and keeps me motivated to continue posting.

(2) Become A Follower. This is essentially the same thing as subscribing. You can just click the link on the Blogger bar (at the top of the page) that says "follow". This will also keep you updated on my Blog and keep my posting away.

(3) Leave A Comment. This is one of the most important things you can do to help me out with my Blog. I enjoy discussing anything and everything with my audience. It gives me feedback on what you think, lets me know you're there, and makes the whole post more fun and educating! So please, leave a comment on my any or all of my posts. It really helps!

Thank you all so much!

Best Regards,
777 - Tyler Dahl

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