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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Levenger Galaxy Aurora writes again!

This pen was sent to me in need of some nib work. As you can see in the following picture this nib was bent with the tines slightly upward and the spread apart. It was writing like a BB but it now writes a perfectly true medium line just like it did from the factory!
Before picture with the tines bent.

Another before shot.

Here's the nib after it underwent my special tuning treatment! Quite a difference!

Here's the whole pen. It's a very nice looking one too!

This nib is ready-to-write again!

There are no traces of the previous bend anymore. Looks good as new!

Best Regards,
777 - Tyler Dahl

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  1. There are three main types of Levenger fountain pens: True Writer, Galaxy and L-Tech. Levenger are most known for their True Writers and there are several designs to choose from: Cafe au Lait, Classic, Signature, Kyoto, Obsidian, Golden Tortoise and Sea Glass. Galaxy pens have got two models: Aurora and Andromeda.