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Friday, July 1, 2011

Important warranty notice to all customers of 777 Pen Repair

This is a notice to let all of you know about a change in my warranty cards. I'm going to tackle this in a way to make this change easy for you to understand. Don't panic, my warranty still remains the same - I'm just changing the format for those who need to use my warranty services...

I'll break the "warranty-card history" down into a list for you:

  • PAST: Original customers from long ago received no warranty card at all. When my business was small I had no need to keep track of customers like that. I just remembered who bought what.
  • PRESENT: Once the business expanded, I made up some warranty-type cards. These certified that the pen or nib had been worked on by me. The problem with these cards was this: They were to specific (meaning each type of job had a different card - nib work, pen repair, nib grinding, etc.) and also, they did not explain the warranty on the printed card.
  • FUTURE: The new card will solve both previous problems. 1 - They will be universal. One card for every type of job. 2 - They will better explain the warranty and what the card is for.

These new cards will begin being used/issued ASAP. My exact date is: 7/2/2011 (tomorrow). From that point forward, all repairs, nib work, nib grinding, etc. will  include one of these cards for the 1 year warranty. You will need to save this card if you want to use the included warranty service that is provided with all my repairs.

NOTICE: All customers with the old warranty card or no warranty card will still have my full 1 year warranty. This change is only for future customers and if you're in the said group of past customers: your old warranty will still be honored for the full 1 year.

Here are some photos of the new card format. This change will hopefully make it easier for me to assist you with warranty needs, and make things less complex for all my customers.

If you folks have any question at all, please contact me. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this change.

Best Regards,
777 - Tyler Dahl

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