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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We have our winners for the free giveaway!

It's finally over, so you can stop holding your breath. ;)

We had a grand total of 117 entries for the free giveaway! I must say, I'm glad that there's such a thing as random number generators... I would have had such a hard time picking winners out myself. There were so many interesting entries and awesome ink choices!

For those who didn't win and those who did, I want to give you all a big, huge, and most sincere:


I had a really good time running this contest and I hope you all did too!

Now, onto the really important part - The winners. I've used the random number generator on to get these results: (drum roll please)...

First prize: #38 - Nonsensical!

Second prize: #4 Freddy77mac!
Third prize: #101 Boris Susanj!
Fourth prize: #76 Msmidwifery!

The winners must email me with their mailing address to claim their prizes. You have 1 week to claim your prize before it is moved on to someone else.

For those who don't know, I'll explain what the prizes are:

1st - A brand new Jinhao 500 fountain pen with a 777 custom CI nib grind.
2nd, 3rd, and 4th - A free 777 custom grind on any one pen you send in.

Thanks to all for participating in the giveaway! I wish I had something for all of you, but I don't... I can say however, that here will be more giveaways in the future! Make sure to subscribe today to be informed of any new giveaways in the future!

Best Regards,
777 - Tyler Dahl


  1. My name might not have been picked, but I'm a winner anyway. I have a new friend--you!

  2. Thank you Karen! I do hope you'll eventually win something in one of my giveaways. :)

    777 - Tyler Dahl

  3. Tyler, thank you so very much for this fantastic opportunity; an e-mail has been sent.  Your blog is one I go to every day and have it as one of only two on my home page so I'll know as soon as you post something.  Besides being informative, your blog is just downright fun.  Thanks again.

  4. Freddy, you're most welcome! I've received you email and sent you a reply back. :)

    I'm glad my blog is helpful and fun for you. That's what my goal is in running this blog!

    777 - Tyler Dahl