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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new "service" - 777 Pen Repair "tune-ups"

Hello again to all of you who read my blog. :)

Today I'd like to introduce you to a new service I'm going to start running. It's going to be called "Tune-Ups". Obviously, you'll want to know what it's about, so I'll tell you. I'm going to use an analogy to make things really easy to understand.

A fountain pen is like a car in many ways. You need to keep it filled with gasoline (ink) to run properly. And occasionally, you even need to change oil (flush and clean). Sometimes however, there is routine maintenance that you just don't want to do yourself. Things like replacing spark plugs, changing the oil filter, changing tires, etc. A fountain pen has routine maintenance jobs just like this. This is why I'm going to create this new "service". Sometimes your pen doesn't need a "full-restore", it just needs to be tuned back into a factory fresh state.

I've used, as an example for this post, an amazing Pelikan M1000 which was sent to me for nib adjustment. After examining it carefully, I asked if the owner would like a tune-up as it was in need of one. He said yes, and things proceeded as follows:

Here is the amazing Pelikan M1000. This is a pretty big pen. :)

Uncapping this pen reveals it's monster nib!

What we have here is what appears to be a fairly nice Pelikan nib. You'll notice the slight bit of grime right at the base of the nib by the metal section.

Also, the feed and nib are out of alignment.

The large gap between the nib and feed at the front were making this pen flow to freely.

Once taken apart, you can see how dirty the nib really is.

Take look at the nib stains. Also notice the dried ink clogging the fins of the feed.

Now here's after cleaning! Much better!

The nib is shiny and stain free. - The feed is free of clogs and dried ink.

Here's again what would appear to be a nice, functioning, clean piston. Let me tell you - it's not.

After removing the piston you can see what it really looks like. Rust stains, dirty grease, and the piston head is bone dry.

Take a loo at the mold on right above the threads of the piston fitting.

Now, take a look at this properly cleaned piston. You'll also notice the generous blob of 100% pure silicone grease on the piston head.

This is how a Pelikan piston should look. This pen will now be ready to function for many more years to come.

Basically, this what the whole pen tune-ups program is about. Pens often look clean, but when taken apart they are extremely dirty. I've seen good lever-fillers with horribly rusty j-bars. I've seen some lovely pens that just need a good polish to bring them back to their original glory. All of these problems are hidden from the average pen user who doesn't wish to start taking his/her pen apart. Luckily, that's what I'm here for.

Preventative maintenance is much better than waiting until the pen stops working completely, and then sending it in for a full restore. These tune-ups will also be considerably less expensive than a full restore. At $15.00 plus shipping I think this is a fair price for getting your pen back into optimal condition again. Here's what a full "tune-up" includes:
  • A full check up - basically looking over the pen in detail for any potential problems (the beginnings of a crack, stiff piston, rust, worn diaphragm).
  • Complete disassembly and deep cleaning.
  • Re-greasing for any parts that need it.
  • Basic tine alignment for nibs.
  • De-rusting of any metal components (for example - a j-bar).
  • A good polish to give the pen the original shine back to the pen.
That what you get for your $15.00. After a good "tune-up" your pen will be functioning as good as when you go it!

If you're pen is need of this service, just send me an email and we'll get things going. I'd love to get your pen back in good functioning order again. :)

777 - Tyler Dahl


  1. Ah it's nice to see one of these beauties naked in all its glory. It's fascinating how much the TWSBI resembles this one.

  2. It is good to know about this service and exactly what it will entail. 

  3. I'll file this information away for future reference. Good to know.

  4. Indeed, the TWSBI is the EXACT same except for the materials it's made out of. I love how the TWSBI allows users to service it with the included tool. :) Excellent touch!


  5. Good, I was hoping it would be easy to understand. Hopefully you will find it a useful service in the future. :)


  6. Sounds good Karen. I'll be on the lookout for you if you ever do need this service!


  7. What a great concept! A tune up... fix all the little things for a little bit of cash. I like it.

  8. I'm glad you like the idea Jim! I was hoping there would be a good customer response to this concept. It seems like someone would have thought of this before but I see no one with this "type" of service. Oh well, I guess there has to be a first. :)

    777 - Tyler Dahl